Here at the Cheeky Pint we were limited with space to create our own brewhouse on site so we gypsy brew. This way we are still in control of the recipes, we physically do all the brewing but we use other brewers facilities. This allows us to brew big and small where we need. It also helps us support the other small beer manufactures.

SMaSH! A single malt and single hop lager showcasing the locally grown Victoria Secret Hop. A mellow bitterness with a crisp dry finish

Don’t you just love that feeling when you have the perfect change in your pocket? Or when things just work out? We sure do! There has been many reiterations of Pale Ale in our journey, but this is the one which won out. Worthy of taking the leap, our Perfect Change.

Our IPA’s inspiration was derived from the need to want a decent hoppy beer without feeling the need to analyse every sip. Following the lead of the new world brewing nations, this IPA has been brewed with balance in mind.

Named after the head brewers grandfather Albert, Mr Albert Stout is deceiving like the man. Expected to be bitter this brew has undertones of coffee and chocolate and is silky smooth. Albert hated Stout but he was a prolific joker, no doubt he would have had a Cheeky grin on hearing of his beer.

Made from Yarra Valley Apples this Cider is off-dry and refreshing. Perfect in any weather.

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